We rely on our Partner Network to provide best-in-class services to our world-wide customer base every day. Our Partners are all enthusiastic Telerik advocates with a deep knowledge of our products and a passion for delivering exceptional experiences to our customers. Partner services include traditional consulting, training, mentoring, testing, and more. We provide our Partners with industry-leading support, and exclusive business, training and promotional opportunities.

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After 10 years of partnership between Falafel software and Telerik, I have nothing but praise and admiration for Telerik’s first class treatment of their partners worldwide. We enjoy a special relationship with the Telerik teams in Bulgaria, USA, Germany, Australia and India and we enjoy working with their excellent teams whether R&D, Support, Professional Services, Marketing or Sales. We look forward to working with them for the next 10 years with continuous success and tremendous respect.
Lino Tadros Lino Tadros President and CEO Falafel Software
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Partners Get:


Enhanced Support

Access to Telerik's senior technical staff with a guaranteed response time of 24 business hours, plus backed by software experts on our services team.



We match client opportunities with the Partner best-suited to deliver the knowledge and experience specific to each client’s unique situation.


Partners are promoted to the entire 450,000-member strong Telerik community.

How Partners Qualify

We pride ourselves on our quality products, so naturally we only select Partners who embrace our standards. Training, certification, case studies, project audits, and customer satisfaction scores are among the criteria we use to evaluate Partners competencies.

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